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Your thoughts on ETPO and TPOs

“Investing in Trade Promotion Generates Revenue” is based on data from 94 countries and assesses the impact of the work of TPOs on national trade performance, including growth in exports and on GDP. Read more on

Kari Häyrinen, President & CEO, Finpro

Over a year has passed from the day Finland’s national investment promotion agency Invest in Finland was merged to Finpro. The main goal was to increase general operational efficiency especially through using Finpro’s global network more for the invest in activities.

Mr Ivan Jukl, Director of the Economic Section, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Czech Republic

I drafted this "very personal pulse" couple of hours ago when sitting with my trusted mentors and colleagues Martin and Erik in a pub. We were quite sceptic about the future of the modern approach (business development services) when provided by the Czech institutions, notably MFA.  However we were quite far from being down.

Daniel Küng, CEO Switzerland Global Enterprise

Brand Change: why did we choose a new name for our global presence?The former Osec has been calling itself “Switzerland Global Enterprise” since May 2014 – what does it mean?