ETPO-WGIP - Who we are

The European Trade Promotion Organisations Working Group of Information Professionals (in short: ETPO WGIP) was initiated by the members of the ETPO main conference in 1973. The group’s mandate was to promote the exchange among European TPOs in the area of information processing and dissemination.

Since then, the working group has been meeting twice a year to discuss and share topics regarding information systems, internet presences, as well as new products and services offered by the ETPO members.

Today, the ETPO WGIP has become a platform of like-minded professionals who aim to share best practices, build on synergies, and discuss common challenges faced by the European TPOs in the area of information services.

For over four decades, the working group has brought specialists in trade information, library services, market research, web content, and digital media from all ETPO members together.

The group’s goal remains the same: to efficiently provide TPO clients with up-to-date, easily accessible and reliable information, in order to support their efforts toward internationalization.